Refill 500ml Lamparfum

Lamparfum Refill

The Lamparfum collection by Dr. Vranjes Firenze is designed to decorate and scent the environment quickly (between 20 and 60 minutes) while eliminating unwanted odors.

Its catalytic function can be paired with the diffuser, which fragrances the environment more slowly and for extended periods.

The contemporary and distinctive design has the octagonal shape typical of the creations of Dr. Vranjes Firenze and was inspired by the octagonal base of the Duomo of Florence.

The Tuscan-crafted glass is available in seven colors, each paired with a cap in a silver metallic finish (with the exception of the amber glass, paired exclusively with a gold-colored cap).

"You won't be able to live without it! In the kitchen after preparing dinner, in the living room after smoking or in the garden during the summer evenings filled with the anti-mosquito fragrance."

Useful Advice

Place the Lamparfum on a stable surface, away from any heat sources, and remove both caps.

Pour 1/3 of the refill liquid (approx. 165 ml) into the Lamparfum using the funnel and being careful not to overfill it. 
During first use, place the wick and metal cap in position and wait 2-3 hours for the wick to be sufficiently soaked with the fragrance.

Remove the metal cap and light the burner of the Lamparfum.

Leave the burner ignited for a few minutes. Wait until the flame has dwindled and then blow from a safe distance to extinguish it completely.

Place the perforated cap on the Lamparfum as protection from the hot burner and leave it scent the selected environment from 20 to 60 minutes depending on your needs

To turn it off, place the metal cap back on the catalytic wick, taking care not to touch it.

Refill 500ml Lamparfum

The refill for the Lamparfum is available in a selection of Dr. Vranjes Firenze fragrances in the 500ml format. It does not include a new wick, which can be purchased separately, and is compatible with the original Lamparfum by Dr. Vranjes Firenze and other certified catalytic lamps.
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