Scented Home Decor Candle

Melograno Candle -Tourmaline Vase

When you can't resist those enveloping and succulent notes of Melograno, the Tourmaline-Melograno scented decorative candles are the perfect choice: created from the highest quality waxes without additional solvents and only using the purest essences, they bring a touch of magic to every area.
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Scented Home Decor Candle
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Category Scented Home Decor Candle
Candlewick nr. XS - approx. 80g / 3 oz: 1
S - approx. 200g / 7 oz: 1
M - approx. 500g / 18 oz: 3
L - approx. 1kg / 35 oz: 6
XL - approx. 3kg / 106 oz: 8
MAXI - approx. 6kg / 212 oz: 10
Dimensions Base Ø x Height
XS - approx. 80g / 3 oz: 6,2x6,8cm
S - approx. 200g / 7 oz: 9x9cm
M - approx. 500g / 18 oz: 12x12cm
L - approx. 1kg / 35 oz: 15x17cm
XL - approx. 3kg / 106 oz: 19x24cm
MAXI - approx. 6kg / 212 oz: 24x30cm
Packaging XS - approx. 80g / 3 oz: 6,5x6,5 - h 7,4cm
S - approx. 200g / 7 oz: 9,3x9,3 - h 9,5cm
M - approx. 500g / 18 oz: 12,3x12,3 - h 13cm
L - approx. 1kg / 35 oz: 15x15 - h 18,5cm
XL - approx. 3kg / 106 oz: 18,8x18,8 - h 26cm
MAXI - approx. 6kg / 212 oz: 23,5x23,5 - h 32cm
Sizes and Burning Times The burning times are indicative and assume the correct use of the candle; they are subject to variation due to the environment in which the candle is used and the consecutive hours of burn.
XS - approx. 80g / 3 oz: approx. 18h
S - approx. 200g / 7 oz: approx. 40h
M - approx. 500g / 18 oz: approx. 50h
L - approx. 1kg / 35 oz: approx. 120h
XL - approx. 3kg / 106 oz: approx. 200h
MAXI - approx. 6kg: approx. 300h
Color Tourmaline
The iconic Dr. Vranjes Firenze home fragrances are reimagined in a collection of sophisticated scented candles.
These precious decorative pieces are in the distinctive octagonal shape inspired by Brunelleschi's dome in Florence, bringing the signature style of Dr. Vranjes to the world.
Pure essences and coloured vases inspired by the precious elements of Pearl, Tourmaline, Gold and Onyx, make the collection unique and extraordinary.
Timeless and elegant accessories for the home have always defined the Dr. Vranjes Firenze style of olfactive decor worldwide.


  • place the candle on a flat surface, away from any drafts or flammable materials;
  • carefully light the candle, preferably using a long lighter;
  • cut the wick slightly, ensuring it is at least 1 cm high;
  • make sure the wicks are upright. To straighten them we recommend using the candle wick trimmer to push the wick to the optimal position;
  • check that the wax is free from any match residue, dust or other materials to prevent the risk of uncontrollable flames.


  • never leave a candle unattended or move it whilst lit;
  • if you are using two candles in the same room, keep them at least 15 cm apart.


  • before extinguishing the flame, check that the wax has melted evenly to the edges of the jar;
  • extinguish the candle using an extinguisher, never with liquids or by blowing the flames;
  • check that the wicks are not too close to the glass. In such a case, you will need to rework them into an upright position with a wick straightener;
  • straighten the wicks into their original position.

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