Entering the world of Dr. Vranjes Firenze fragrances means diving into distinctive, one-of-a-kind scents capable of shaping the most important moments of your life.

"Well-being is a virtuous cycle: it is only by dedicating ourselves to it that we can live peacefully and give positive energy to those around us".


40 years of scented emotions

From the passion and talent of a man on a mission to capture olfactory emotions, a refined and world-renowned fragrance collection embodying the Italian lifestyle was born. Retrace the milestones and let yourself be inspired by this unique story.


Antica Officina del Farmacista

Anna Maria and Paolo Vranjes founded the Antica Officina del Farmacista in Via San Gallo in Florence.


Cosmetics & Spa Treatments

After studies in chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetology, Dr. Paolo Vranjes works alongside leading Italian cosmetologists and creates beauty treatments for luxury wellness centres.


Creazione della 1° fragranza ACQUA


Creazione per celebrare 10 anni di storia AMBRA


Rosso Nobile is born

After years of cultivating a passion for creating perfumes, Dr. Paolo Vranjes launches Rosso Nobile, a fragrance that established the brand's success in Italy and around the world.


New Olfactive Décor Accessories

Dr. Paolo Vranjes makes olfactory decoration his art. In addition to the room diffuser, he creates new objects for furnishing and perfuming: car sprays, candles and catalytic lamps.


Creazione per celebrare 20 anni di storia GINGER LIME 


Dr. Vranjes Firenze is born

The brand grows and the company becomes Dr. Vranjes Firenze. The octagonal shape of the dome of the cathedral in Florence becomes the seal of excellence for all the décor objects, enhancing their unique style and iconic design.


Creazione per celebrare 30 anni di storia OUD NOBILE


Financial partnership

The private equity fund BlueGem supports the Vranjes family in managing the company to accelerate its growth and expansion internationally.


Creazione per celebrare i 35 anni di storia GIGLIO DI FIRENZE


New Eau de Parfum is born

Having achieved excellence in ambient perfumery, on the threshold of Dr. Vranjes Firenze's first 40 years of history, Master Perfumer Paolo Vranjes decides to undertake a new olfactory challenge by proposing a new Eau de Parfum collection.  


40 years of passion

Fruit of the successes of a close-knit and commendable team, this year represents a springboard for our future projects. Aware promoters of the beauty Made in Florence, we continue to promote enchantment and a fragrant lifestyle, grateful for the trust shown to us by our loyalists and new enthusiasts all over the world.

Incontra il maestro profumiere

Quella di Dr. Vranjes Firenze è una storia che si intreccia in maniera indissolubile con il percorso del Maestro Profumiere Paolo Vranjes. Per questo, chi se non lui, può raccontare al meglio la sua storia e quella delle essenze uniche che contraddistinguono i prodotti profumati che portano il suo nome? Conosci più da vicino il Dr. Paolo Vranjes in questa intervista.