Our History

The Heart of Florence

Known for its historical tradition of craftsmanship and perfume production, the city of Florence has always been the inspiring muse for our creativity. Our iconic diffuser bottle, for example, is inspired by Brunelleschi’s Dome. A tribute to the beloved Duomo, home to the locals in the historical city center.

Everyday we thrive to achieve the highest quality by continuing the artisan traditions of Florence. We work hard to offer a unique olfactory experience, encompassed in a craftsmanship that is made to last, from our glass fragrance diffusers made by Tuscan artisans all the way to our Florentine paper cases and exquisite scented candle vases.

Paolo Vranjes

The history of the Dr. Vranjes Firenze is intertwined with the personal story of its founder. Dr. Paolo Vranjes continues to design unique products to this day. From home fragrances to candles, from personal perfumes to body products, he continues to answer the same questions he asked himself as a boy: “Where do perfumes come from? What makes them special? And why, by combining different fragrances, something new, something tailored and magical is produced every time?”

Each aroma is masterfully formulated giving life to a palette of authentic fragrances that evoke pleasure, comfort, and above all, seeks the emotional connection with our own personal memories.

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