The exclusive Dr. Vranjes Firenze olfactory decorations embellish and fragrance your interiors, whether it be work or home, in a delicate yet enduring way

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    Milano is an ambient fragrance that embodies an explosion of sensuality. The intense notes of patchouli, reinvigorated with pepper and sandalwood mix with the sparkling edge of cedar giving energy to living spaces. An accommodating invitation to share with others.
    Starting from $100.00
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    Sandal wood, star anise and carnation give life to a spicy fragrance that warms like a flame. Fuoco has a uniquely accented scent, which envelopes the olfactory senses with spices to give energy to studys and work interiors. It is an invitation for concentration and contemplation.
    Starting from $32.00
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    Chinotto Pepe
    A citrus scent with a strong personality. Within this ambient fragrance, the aromatic chinotto pairs well with the decisive power of black pepper. This energy boosting fragrance is perfect to stimulate concentration in study/work areas.
    Starting from $46.00
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    Spezie Rare
    Warm notes of spices and aromatic herbs, oriental notes of coriander and mace combine with the fresh vetiver to give life to Spezie Rare. A spicy fragrance that reminds us of a distant journey, perfect for stimulating the mind and helping concentration in the study and work interiors.
    Starting from $83.00
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