Gift Set with Rosso Nobile 500ml with Ornament

A charming, limited edition Christmas gift set that houses the iconic Rosso Nobile home fragrance and a sparkling “Stella di Firenze” Christmas ornament. The perfect gift for those who wish to decorate their home and leave it fragrant with some exquisite, sophisticated and unique Tuscan flair.
The estimated delivery date of this product is: 12/09/2022

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Gift Set with Rosso Nobile 500ml with Ornament
More Information
Category Gift
Size 500 ml
This Christmas set contains:
- a 500 ml Rosso Nobile fragrance diffuser;
- a set of black sticks;
- a unique, limited edition metal ornament, perfect to decorate the Christmas tree.

The renowned Rosso Nobile fragrance was born from a challenge posed to Maestro Paolo Vranjes by his dear friend, Francis. A skilled wine producer, he was convinced that the scents perceived in a glass of red wine were stronger than those that could be replicated in a fragrance, and that it was impossible to create a fragrance capable of reproducing all its countless nuances. He changed his mind a few years later, when Dr Paolo Vranjes sent him his exquisite creation.

1. It is very important to use all the sticks or vine reeds supplied with the chosen fragrance. It is recommended not to use fewer sticks than are supplied.
2. On first use it is necessary to let the sticks or reeds soak for an hour and then turn them over.
3. To adjust the intensity of the home fragrance, all or part of the sticks / reeds provided must be turned one or more times a day.
4. The sticks that accompany each diffuser are designed to keep the color of the fragrance stable. Therefore black sticks is for the exclusive use of Rosso Nobile.

Duration of fragrance: How to prolong it

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the space in which it is located, the temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can speed up evaporation. However, there are some suggestions to make the fragrance last longer:
• Buy a refill of your fragrance and use it to keep the level of the liquid at the recommended height. The amount of oxygen in the bottle will affected the rate of evaporation;
• keep the fragrance away from heat sources;
• choose the bottle size proportionate to the area you wish to fragrance.

• The fragrance diffuser must be positioned at human height level.
• For medium-sized rooms, it is preferable to place the diffuser in the center of the room so when people pass by, the air moves and the fragrance circulates.
• For larger rooms it is preferable to have two positioned on the two opposite sides of the room you wish to fragrance.

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