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  1. Diffuser

    Ginger Lime
    An ambient fragrance with a radiant character, where the fresh citrus notes of lime meet the spicy and energising ginger. Ginger Lime is a concentrated freshness, perfect to adorn living spaces with a welcoming and sparkling atmosphere.
    Starting from $46.00
  2. Diffuser

    This delicate aquatic fragrance is born from the fresh and plump notes of basil leaves, sea scents and white musk. A fresh, marine-like home fragrance, which exudes tranquility and is ideal for relaxation in living spaces and bedrooms.
    Starting from $46.00
  3. Diffuser

    The morning dew meets the fresh notes of citrus and mint, which after a while loses the balsamic edge to give a more dry note to this home fragrance. Aria gives freshness and a relaxing feel of wellbeing to living spaces and children's bedrooms.
    Starting from $46.00
  4. Diffuser

    Lavanda Timo
    This ambient fragrance is an affectionate embrace comprised of wild Tuscan lavender mixed with spicy white thyme. Lavanda Timo is perfect for places of wellness where you can relax, regenerate and devote time to yourself such as bathrooms, Spas and bedrooms.
    Starting from $46.00
  5. Gift Box 500 with Candle 500 gr
    The 500ml gift box with candle is a prized gift box finished with a refined/sophisticated magnetic closure. Ideal to give together with the iconic diffuser as a complementary and elegant item of high perfumery. Available in 2 variants.
    Starting from $246.00
  6. Scented candle

    Decorative Candle Perla - Ginger Lime
    The brilliant scent of Ginger Lime takes combines with purity of the pearls to create Perla-Ginger Lime decorative candles. Produced with exclusive technique that increases the strength of the fragrance.
    Starting from $122.00
  7. Scented candle

    Decorative Candle Tormalina - Rosso Nobile
    The Tormalina-Rosso Nobile decorative candle is created from the fantastic union of prized tourmaline with Rosso Nobile, the most popular of the fragrances. A combination of highly scented and refined artistic craftsmanship to make the perfect decorative piece to adorn any space.
    Starting from $130.00
  8. Scented candle

    Decorative Candle Tormalina - Melograno
    If you adore the Melograno fragrance, the Tormalina-Melograno Decorative Candle is the right choice for you. The combination will provide a soft, autumnal atmosphere. The candles are made using an exclusive production technique that increases the strength of the fragrance
    Starting from $120.00
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