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  1. Diffuser

    Sandal wood, star anise and carnation give life to a spicy fragrance that warms like a flame. Fuoco has a uniquely accented scent, which envelopes the olfactory senses with spices to give energy to studys and work interiors. It is an invitation for concentration and contemplation.
    Starting from $46.00
  2. Gift Box 500 with Candle 500 gr
    The 500ml gift box with candle is a prized gift box finished with a refined/sophisticated magnetic closure. Ideal to give together with the iconic diffuser as a complementary and elegant item of high perfumery. Available in 2 variants.
    Starting from $246.00
  3. Diffuser

    In this flowery and fruity fragrance, the sweet and delicate notes of fruit harmonise with the elegant accents of flowers and the rich background of ginger and vetiver. A scented dance perfect to adorn living spaces and give a pleasant, sparkling atmosphere.
    Starting from $100.00
  4. Diffuser

    Designed for the Bellini fragrance, this elegant crystal Chalice is the fragrance diffuser invented by Maestro Paolo Vranjes and hand crafted by expert Florentine artisans. It diffuses elegant and fruity notes through its specialised sticks.
  5. Scented candle

    Decorative Candle Oro - Rosso Nobile
    Rosso Nobile, one of our most loved fragrances, is combined with gold to give form to the Decorative candle Oro-Rosso Nobile Dr. Vranjes Firenze. The sublime combination of gold and tuscan red wine creates the perfect scented decoration to adorn your spaces. A synthesis of style and excellence.
    Starting from $425.00
  6. Scented candle

    Decorative Candle Oro - Oud Nobile
    Give your spaces an Oriental atmosphere with the Oro-Oud Nobile decorative candle. The scented candle is a creation formed from art and expert craftsmanship. We recommend that you choose the correct size vase for the space in which it will go.
    Starting from $140.00
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