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Citrusy, fruity, flowery, spicy, airy-powdery, eastern, balsamic

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    In this home fragrance, the elegant amber and patchouli base develops with the intense notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The fascinating mystery of the Oriental amber gives relaxation to living spaces and bedrooms, adorning them with a pleasant and charming sensation.
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    Rosso Nobile
    Rosso Nobile is a sublime combination between the sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries, the soft notes of violet and magnolia, and tannin invoking birch wood. The scent of a Tuscan red is perfect to provide a relaxing atmosphere to living spaces.
    Starting from $58.00
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    This delicate aquatic fragrance is born from the fresh and plump notes of basil leaves, sea scents and white musk. A fresh, marine-like home fragrance, which exudes tranquility and is ideal for relaxation in living spaces and bedrooms.
    Starting from $46.00
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    Magnolia Orchidea
    A floral fragrance in which the elegant, yet lively notes of magnolia flowers match the softness of orchid. The home fragrance, Magnolia Orchidea is a sweet, sensual, delicate symphony. Perfect to adorn living spaces with energy.
    Starting from $46.00
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    The morning dew meets the fresh notes of citrus and mint, which after a while loses the balsamic edge to give a more dry note to this home fragrance. Aria gives freshness and a relaxing feel of wellbeing to living spaces and childrens bedrooms.
    Starting from $46.00
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    The energy of the earth comes to life in this ambient fragrance. It is arranged in a combination of balsamic Siberian pine and green musks, aromatic lavender and vanilla. Terra is a fresh, soft and relaxing scent, ideal for creating a charming and pleasant atmosphere within living spaces.
    Starting from $46.00
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    Green Flowers
    The lightness of spring comes to life in this floral scent. The freshness of green tea flowers are the basis for this delicate and relaxing fragrance, and they mixed in perfect harmony with citrus flowers. Perfect for adorning living spaces which are specifically for relaxation and hospitality.
    Starting from $46.00
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    Arancio Uva Rossa
    An affectionate embrace between the sweetness of the red grapes, is made lively and fresh with the bitter orange and the flowery hints of violet. The relaxing ambient fragrance creates a pleasant and comforting sensation, perfect to adorn reception and living spaces.
    Starting from $46.00
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    Giardino delle Rose
    In this ambient fragrance, the delicate and lingering notes of the rose compliment the oriental scents of amber, patchouli, myrrh and vanilla to celebrate the lush beauty of spring. Giardino delle Rose is perfect for providing wellness and relaxation to the living spaces.
    Starting from $100.00
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    Petali di Rose
    A fabulous combination of three roses (May rose, Bulgarian and Turkish) with notes of jasmine and ylang ylang. This floral scent is a light caress, which gives tranquility and effortless peace. Perfect for relaxation and comfort in bedrooms and living spaces.
    Starting from $46.00
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    Giardini di Boboli
    Giardini di Boboli is the perfect combination of boxwood and pittosporum, fresh mint and floral narcissus and rose with a hint of cyprus. The balsamic and floral scents makes it ideal for relaxation in living spaces.
    Starting from $58.00
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    Tuberosa Mughetto
    A delicate floral scent born from a combination of rich, classic notes of lily of the valley and embracing tuberose and hyacinth. Tuberosa Mughetto is an elegant triumph of flowers, an ideal scented decoration to adorn living spaces with a comfortable, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.
    Starting from $83.00
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    Giglio di Firenze
    Giglio di Firenze is a delicate yet steady home fragrance. Powdery with elegant and comforting clean notes, it is ideal for relaxing living spaces: bedroom, living room, study-library and even an entrance.
    Starting from $46.00
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