Black Sticks

The home fragrance sticks that we have selected are of the best quality. Thanks to their capillary structure, once the fragrance enters them and they turned upside down (after at least a couple of hours on first use), they gradually releases the fragrance in to the air. The black sticks are of the highest quality and are to be exclusively used for Rosso Nobile.
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Category Accessory
Dimensions Height:
100 ml / 3,4 fl oz: 17 cm
250 ml / 8,4 fl oz: 34 cm
500 ml / 17 fl oz: 40 cm
1250 ml / 42 fl oz: 54 cm
2500 ml / 85 fl oz: 60 cm
5000 ml / 169 fl oz: 70 cm
Sticks nr. Number
100 ml / 3,4 fl oz: 8
250 ml / 8,4 fl oz: 10
500 ml / 17 fl oz: 12
1250 ml / 42 fl oz: 17
2500 ml / 85 fl oz: 13
5000 ml / 169 fl oz: 16
Bottle Accessories Black sticks
Please be reminded that the sticks are designed for specific use to bring out certain nuances of the fragrance. Please be advised to use the correct sticks for your home diffuser. It is advisable to change the sticks every time you change the fragrance or when they are saturated with perfume as they will lose their potency and no longer function. It is also necessary to choose the sticks suitable for the size of your home fragrance diffuser. We recommend using all the sticks provided in the package and adjusting the intensity of the fragrance by turning all or some of them.
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